Job Statistics Report

The statistics report allows you to get key information about your business’s performance and drill down into important figures.
Navigate to Reports > Statistics Report.

The report filters

On top you can narrow or expand your data by:

  • Metro area – Select a metro area to view data for that metro area alone or select all metro areas.
  • Time range – Choose a time range for your data. You can select from the offered options or enter a custom time range.
  • Report by time – Select a time dimension for the jobs in the report. Show jobs that were Created/Scheduled/Closed within this time range.

The statistics report is divided into 5 tabs.


This tab shows totals for the selected time range and allows you to present a chart by days, weeks or months to compare your progress over a given time range.



This tab shows data by job sources either from ad groups you set up or external company referrals

To Switch between them you can select an option on the top right of the report .

  • All – All job sources.
  • My – Only ad groups.
  • External – Only external company referrals.


The top section shows two pie charts representing each ad group’s relative share by Done jobs and by dollar amount.
This way you can see that if an advertising campaign gets you many jobs though a another is responsible for most of the profits.

The bottom section shows a break down of jobs for each source by: Total jobs, Done jobs, Open jobs, Canceled, Canceled rate in %, Gross amount, Profit (after parts and tech commissions) and an average of profit per job.

Note: Just like any other report in Workiz you can click on any column head to sort the table by that column.

Tech Performance

The same idea is applied in the “Tech performance” tab.

You can view by a pie chart what is the relative share for each tech against the what share of your sales this tech is responsible for.stattech

On the bottom you can see how many jobs each tech is canceling on average and who sells the most.

Area Performance

This report shows you the numbers by locations  in 3 levels.

  • By metro
  • By city
  • By zip code

Here you an see where are jobs more profitable and what areas produce more canceled jobs.
This is especially important if you are advertising online by keywords. This way you can drop certain areas and keywords that are not generating enough income.


Dispatcher Performance

Here you can get the same drill down only by dispatchers who created the job.

You see which dispatchers are more likely to take jobs that get canceled and who’s jobs end up selling for more.

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