Schedule filters

You can filter your schedule to find the relevant information using a variety of option

Schedule filters


View you jobs, leads, and tasks by Month, Week, Day, Timeline or list view.
You can navigate left and right using the arrow icons on the right.

Appointment type

As a default, you can see all types of appointments.
You can uncheck the types you wish to filter: Jobs, Leads or Tasks.


  1. Click the Filters button on the right to show/hide the advanced filters.
  2. Tech- show by tech assigned
  3. Metro Area – show by service area
  4. Status – check/ uncheck the status you wish to view.
  5. Tags – filter jobs by their tags

Time range

In the day view and timeline, you can set the time range of the calendar.
Click the clock icon to set the start and end hours of your schedule.

Schedule time range


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