Searching for a job

There are several ways to search for jobs in Workiz:

Using the quick search tool

This is done by clicking the magnifying glass icon located above your main navigation.
You can enter any phrase here and click “Find Job”.
You can search by: Job ID, Name, Company, Invoice number, payment approval, phone, address, city or state.


Using the table search field

Every table in Workiz has a dynamic search field located on the top right. This includes the dashboard results, the finance report, the advanced report and the payment report.
You can type any phrase in and the data displayed in the column will be reduced while you are typing.


Using filters, sorting and time range

If you know details about the job you are looking for you can narrow down your reports to find it.
For example: If a client calls saying he had work done last week and payed $150 and doesn’t remember the exact address you can go to your Advanced report

1.Select “Last week” from the time picker on the top right.
2.Select “Done” from the status filter.
3.Click the amount column to sort by amounts.


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