Setting ad groups

Knowing where jobs come from can make a huge difference for any service business and help minimize costs for UN-profitable advertising campaigns.

You can select an ad group for any job from the job page and then get statistics by ad sources

To add a new ad group navigate to:

Administration -> Job Settings -> Ad groups

Here you will see a list of your ad groups that you can always edit or deactivate.
To add a new one simply use the “Add new group” box located at the top.

1.Name – The ad source name.

2.Display order – The priority on the job page drop down.

3.Description – A description for this group adgroups.

NOTE: Some business owners would prefer for the office team no to be able to know where jobs are coming from so a good practice is to mark a group name with a code and the actual name under the description.

Choosing an ad group on the job page.


Viewing the statistics report


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