Setting custom user notifications

Custom notifications are a powerful tool for a service business owner to stay updated with work flow changes.
You can set a custom notification to pretty much any action preformed in your business.
To create a custom notification navigate to:
Administration > Notifications

To add a notification click “Create notification” and select a user.
Choose how you would like to be notified: SMS, Email or Both.
Next select a status for jobs you would like to be notified for.

The next step is very flexible, click the add filter button from the to right.
This will give you an option to add a parameter + a value.

When technician is
When amount is smaller then <100>
When Job type is

When done click the “Save Rule” button from the top right.

You can add as many filters or new notifications as you’d like.

To delete click the trash icon on the top right.

NOTE: The notification will be sent to the user according to the phone number and Email you have defined. Read more in User Settings

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