Setting up payment gateway

To set up your account to take credit cards through you will first need two things:
1.A merchant account – you can set those up through your bank or any merchant agent.

2.An account – This should be set up by your merchant account bank or agent. Speak to your merchant contact and let him know you wish to make online transactions and require an account.

Once you have the user name and password to your account please log in.
To set up the integration we need two keys:
2.ID Transaction Key

Both can be obtained by logging in to your account and navigating to:
Settings -> API Login ID and Transaction Key .

Next you would need to configure these in Workiz.
Log in to your Workiz account and navigate to “My Account“.
Click on the Payment gateway tab.
In the tab bottom tab labeled place your API Login ID and Transaction Key.

Next you can select an AVS match level. You can set your account to validate an address or part of it. In Workiz you have 3 options: No address match, Match billing address and Match zip code only.

According to your selection when charging a credit card payment from the job page you will be prompted fro the billing address, zip code or just the credit card details.


Note: Workiz does not charge any fees for using the integration though your merchant service and do have their own fees.

For more about credit payments read Credit card payments.

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