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Setting Up Two-Way Messaging With SMS

Workiz Allows you to communicate with your techs, client and referral companies with SMS.
In this article, we’ll show you how to set up your own local SMS number included with your subscription.

*When you first sign up all your messages will be sent from our 1-800 number, not allowing a reply.

How To Set Up

1.Go to your Settings from the top right settings icon.
2.Go to “SMS Settings”
3.Click “Get A Number” to get a local SMS number
4.Search a number in your area code.
5.Once you found the number you like click “Get”

SMS settings Workiz

From now on this will be your Workiz number.
When you send out SMS messages and notifications to techs and clients it will be sent from this number.
Users and clients may reply back to this number and the message will be received in your account.

If you’d like to be notified at another number, add numbers to the “Forward SMS” option.

How Am I Billed For SMS?

Your local SMS number is included with your plan with no additional costs.
In addition, every month your first 500 messages are free.
After that, you can auto recharge messages at $0.005 per message.
This means if your auto recharges $10 you will get additional 2000 messages.
Messages counted from your balance include:

  • Messages that you send out to techs
  • SMS notifications to clients
  • SMS reminders for appointments
  • Incoming messages
  • Incoming messages forwarded to other numbers
  • *messages with more than 140 characters are counted as 2

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