Job statuses and sub-statuses can help keep track of the job’s progress.
It’s also a great way to communicate with your team and filter what needs to be done.
Workiz   Jobs

Your Workiz account has four main statuses for open jobs (“Done” and “Canceled” jobs do not show on your schedule)

  • Submitted – Scheduled waiting to be assigned/dispatched.
  • In Progress – Assigned to a team member and dispatched.
  • Pending – Waiting for parts/call back or any other stage of the work where something is missing to complete.
  • Done pending – Some business don’t want techs closing jobs on their own, so they will place a job in this status. So you or a manager can look it over and close it.

Sub status examples:

  • In progress – On route: Tech is on the way.
  • In progress – Working: Tech is working.
  • Pending – Waiting for parts: Waiting for a need part to finish work.
  • Pending – Needs to follow up: Job was postponed and waiting for the client to reschedule.
  • Canceled – Too late: We were late and the customer canceled.
  • Canceled – Too expensive: Client decided the on-premise estimate was too much.

Adding a sub status

1.From the top-hand navigation bar, click the Settings cogwheel.


2. Click Sub Statuses.

3. Click Add New to create a new sub-status.

Workiz   Job Sub Status (5)

4. In the pop-up:

  • Select the parent status (one of the main job statuses.)
  • Name your new sub status.
  • Pick a color tag (optional.)
  • Click Create to save.

5. Your new sub status is added to your list and ready to be used in jobs.

Notice: Once you add a sub status to a parent status you will not be able to select that parent status anymore (Only the sub-options.)

In your job:
Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   OCTR2M


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