Syncing Invoices To QuickBooks Online

How to Sync Invoices to QuickBooks Online?


To sync an invoice to QuickBooks you need to mark it as ready to sync and during the next time your sync to QuickBooks Workiz will send the invoice to QuickBooks.

Syncing an invoice can be done in three ways.

1. From an invoice itself:

When editing and invoice you will have a “Sync To QuickBooks” Button on the top left. Click it to mark this invoice as ready to sync.




2.From the invoice report:

In your invoices report you have a list of your invoices for a selected time range.
You can check the boxes next to the invoices you wish to sync. This way you sync in bulk.



3.Updates to previously synced invoices:

Every time you run a sync, Workiz will automatically send any changes you made to already synced invoices:

  • Added payments
  • Changes in invoice items or pricing



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