Managing tax rates

Every country / State / City has different VAT or sales tax and every business has its way to calculate them into work performed. Workiz gives you the maximum flexibility when it comes to your tax rates.

Adding tax rates

1. Click the top settings icon and then the Settings icon from the drop-down menu:


2. Click the Taxes tab to view your tax rates.

3. Click Add new to add a new tax rate.

4. Fill in your new tax rate information:

  1. Tax name – Name your tax rate.
  2. Tax rate – Enter the percentage of tax to be applied.
  3. Use as default – When generating a new job / invoice, should Workiz automatically use this rate?
  4. Tax agency – The name, address, and notes for the collecting tax agency.

Workiz   Tax Settings (1)

5. Click Save to create your new tax.


Editing a tax rate

1. Click any of your tax rates under the tax settings page.

2. Click Change Rate to unlock the rate field.

3. Read the notice and set your new rate.
Workiz   Tax Settings (4)

4. Click save to save your new rate.

Notice: Workiz will now create a new tax and disable the old one to preserve any older invoices using that rate.


In your Job/Invoices/Estimates

You can use your taxes in 3 different places:

  1. In jobs under the finance section.
  2. In Invoices under your items.
  3. In estimates under items list.

Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   OBLT1K  (1)


You can apply any of your tax rates to your items.
Tax will be applied only to items marked as taxable.

Workiz   EDIT JOB  Job ID   OBLT1K  (2)


Viewing tax reports

1. Click Reports from the left menu.

2. Click the tax report tab.

3. In your tax report, you can see all collected taxes for a chosen time range:

  1. Click the top right date picker to select a time range
  2. Click the top left drop-down to select a tax rate.
  3. Use the checkbox to only view paid jobs vs all jobs sold.

Workiz   Sales Report




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