The dashboard

The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your business and numbers. You can view your jobs by status and get a quick look at due invoices from clients or pending estimates.

Dashboard areas.


The dashboard is divided into information widgets:

Today’s Jobs

The jobs widgets show you how many jobs you have in each status today, this way it’s easy to get a feel for how well the day is progressing. You can click on each one and view a list of those jobs in the schedule.

Today’s Overview

Today’s overview’s widgets show your gross sales and profit sales (after costs and commissions). Also, you can see the by how much sales are up or down from yesterday.
The graph in the background shows the same data for the last 14 days.

Clients Information

IN the clients information widgets, you can see how much is past due from clients, how many jobs have a past-due balance and how many estimates are pending.
To view more information click a widget and get a list view in the clients section or estimate report.

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