When to use metro areas

Metro areas are a great option for gaining more insight and order across your service business.
Not all service providers need it though.

Here’s a   few questions you should ask yourself before setting up Metro Areas in Workiz:

  • Do you work in more than one city (Example: San Diego & Orange County)?
  • Do you have field techs that can take jobs in a limited geographical area?
  • Do you have multiple locations and need to separate finances?
  • Do you advertise campaigns for different communities (Example: Dallas vs Forth Worth,) and need to know the profitability of each area?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Metro Areas can definitely help you stay more organized.

With metro areas you can:

  • Automatically assign jobs to their area by the job’s location. Your office team does not need to know the geo-limits of your service areas, Workiz will do the math for them.
  • Get a list of relevant field techs who can actually take the job and save yourself time.
  • Get a sense of how many jobs are in each area by looking at your schedule.
  • Restrict access to users based on service area.
  • View in-depth financial information separated by service area.
  • Automatically get the right tax rate for the job performed.

Read how to set up metro areas

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