Using your custom fields

Your job’s custom fields can be used throughout your Workiz account and your work-flow.
Custom field values can be used in your templates, notifications, outgoing job SMS and custom reports.

In custom reports

When creating a custom report you can add columns for your custom fields.

  1. Go to Reports from your left menu.
  2. Scroll down to custom reports and click Add report
  3. Check the fields you wish for this report to show. Custom fields are visible towards the bottom.

Workiz   Reports

Your new report will now show this new custom field.

Workiz   Custom Report (1)


In Outgoing Job SMS

When you send out a job via SMS to the assigned tech, you can change the message format and your custom fields.

  1. Go to settings and then SMS settings
  2. Scroll down to the SMS format text field, this is where you can modify your SMS message format.
  3. You can use the blue tags for inserting dynamic shortcode values to your messages (These values change according to the job/ client).
    Your custom fields should be present there as wellWorkiz   SMS Settings
    Click any tag to insert the shortcode

In Auto Notifications

You can include your custom fields in your custom notifications to clients and techs

  1. Go to Settings and then Notifications.
  2. Edit or create a new notification.
  3. Use the blue tags to insert shortcodes into your message.
    Your tags will show you custom fields as well as default values.
    Workiz   Notification Center (1)

In Your Document Templates

You can use custom fields in your invoices, estimates and any other custom document you create.

  1.  Go to Settings and then Documents
  2. Edit any document
  3. Withing you template click on any text box and a toolbox will pop up on top.
  4. Click Insert values to see a list of available values and select from the custom values submenu.
    Workiz   Document (2)
    5. Save document

Now when you send out that document you custom field value will be used.

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