Manage Your
Service Business with
Workiz Voice (Labs)

Backed by Amazon Alexa


Manage your entire field service business with the power of Workiz Voice, backed by Amazon Alexa. Now whether you’re on the road, commuting to your next job or in the office, just say: 

“Hey, Alexa, how many jobs do I have scheduled for the day?”


You can ask Alexa to:

  • Go over your entire daily schedule of jobs
  • Let you know about your next job
  • Reschedule an upcoming job
  • Send customers and technicians text
    message reminders and updates
  • Help you navigate to your next job
  • And more!

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How it

After Launching Workiz Voice, you can receive crucial information about your field service business by asking Alexa questions. Your Workiz-enabled Alexa listens for commands and forwards it to Alexa.

Alexa handles your requests and routes it to Workiz Voice where your information is retrieved. Alexa then translates this information about your business into an audio response played back by your Workiz-enabled Alexa.